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Hi there! I thought for this quarter I would post some information about the covid vaccine. I will do this in 3 parts

COVID 19 Vaccine Information Part 1:

The Trial Process:

Vaccines are generally tested on animals before entering into a 3-phase clinical trial process. Once all 3 phases of the trial process are complete, collected data can be submitted to Health Canada for review. See below for additional information.

Clinical trials are an essential component to the approval process of safe vaccines. Although there are approximately 150 clinical trials globally, only those that meet rigorous Canadian testing standards are suitable for distribution in Canada. Due to the pressing nature of developing a vaccine, manufacturers are using different approaches to fast tracking development. For additional information see the below link:

The below link offers an overview of 150 COVID-19 that are ongoing throughout Canada
and Internationally and is being updated weekly. Trial topics are vast and include vaccine approval and studies pertaining to the long term effects of the virus. A synopsis and link are provided for each.

The Part 2 will be related to the specific vaccines that have been approved in Canada.


Flight Lines

Given that COVID cases are on the rise again, I thought some COVID reminders would be helpful. Below is a link to STARS COVID resources, including airway management SIM videos, and infection, prevention, and control documents.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges for the mental health and well-being of our community members. Given the potential for increased number of patients presenting to ERs for mental health services, I thought an article about management of mental health patients requiring transfer might be helpful. This article specifically looks at the use of ketamine during transports. This article is also pay for view, but I am sure could be access for free through many of our respective healthcare platforms by using the title or DOI.

“Ketamine reduces the need for intubation in patients with acute severe mental illness and agitation requiring transport to definitive care: An observational study”

And finally, a short article sharing some helpful tips to keep you safe during the winter months.


With a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, I thought I would continue on with some articles that remind us of infection control measures and others that provide information about considerations for transport. Prepping For Transport:This article discusses key considerations...


This resource amalgamates multiple infectious disease resources into one cohesive document for EMS workers to refer to. A large portion of the resource focuses on ground transport, but Section 8 pages 69-70 offering insightful considerations for air transport...