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  • Individuals engaged in activities related to aerospace medicine / aeromedical transport
  • Individuals / organizations involved in providing transport services
  • Individuals / organizations who support or have interest in such activities


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CAMATA receives a number of questions regularly and so we thought we’d provide our members with some information that might help answer their queries.  Feel free to email us at for more information or to help answer other questions. 

What do I get when I take the CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level I?

The CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level I is a two day (occasionally longer) course that provides the basic information required to prepare health care providers with the basic information required to plan and provide patient care to patients prior to and during air medical transportation.  When you take the course, you will get:

  • CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level I Textbook (2016)
  • Membership to CAMATA (unless you are auditing the program only)
  • Certificate of Successful Completion (Certificate of Attendance is issued if auditing the program only)
  • Lapel pin (for those who take the exam)
What is covered in the CAMATA Air Medical Training Program?
  • Introduction to medical transportation in Canada, including fixed wing and rotor wing transportation,
  • Discussion of the different types of transportation including Interfacility Transport, Scene Response Transport and Long Distance Repatriation.
  • Aviation physiology
  • Patient Care in the Flight Environment
  • Practical Patient Care Considerations
  • Aircraft and Aviation Aspects of Air Medical Transport
  • Aviation Safety
  • Search and Rescue
  • Air Medical Personnel Safety and Fitness
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Communications in the Air Medical Environment
  • Management in the Air Medical Operation
  • Case Reviews.
I took the CAMATA Air Medical Training Program in the past and have misplaced my certificate. Can I get a replacement?

CAMATA has kept the records for the course participants since 2008.  It should be remembered that the course has a five year expiry date.  As a result, if you have taken the course since 2008, it is possible to get a replacement certificate at a cost of $10.00, to cover the costs of production and mailing.  Payment can be made by cheque or PayPal.  You can request a replacement certificate by emailing and providing the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of CAMATA Course (if not sure – provide the month (or time of year) and year course was completed.
  • Address to which the certificate should be sent
  • How you intend to pay.
How do I renew the CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level I when it expires after five years?
  • You can take the course in its entirety. This is recommended if it is more than six years since you took the course.
  • There is a ONE day renewal program that reviews the key content of the course and updates your knowledge of the most important course content.

To determine when / where courses are being held, you can check the website or email and ask about future programs.

What courses are available through CAMATA?

Currently the most popular course provided by CAMATA is the CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level I.  A one day Renewal program is available for those who completed the CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level I over 5 years ago.

Another course which will be available effective the fall of 2021 is the CAMATA Air Medical Training Program for Pilots and Flight Coordinator.  This program offers information to those involved in air medical transport, but are not the providers of patient care.

The CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level II is currently under development and our plan is to have it completed by the fall of 2022.  Stay tuned!