CAMATA Level 1

The finest core training to prepare the healthcare practitioner for a career in aeromedical transport.

CAMATA has developed a basic air medical training program with a Canadian perspective. These programs have been distributed across Canada and have been adopted by a number of provincial authorities as the required preparation for air medical providers in that jurisdiction.

Courses are held on an as needed basis. If your organization would like to set a program up, contact CAMATA (click here) to enquire about future courses.

If you are an individual who is interested in taking the CAMATA Course, click here (click here) to enquire about future courses, including date and location.

CAMATA Air Medical Training Program Level I This program offers an introduction to all the various aspects of patient care in an aviation environment, as well as the physiology/physics of flight, and flight safety.

This is a two to three day program which cover the following topics:

  • Interfacility Vs Scene response Transport
  • Aviation Physiology
  • Patient Care Considerations of Air Medical Transport
  • Practical Guidelines for Air Medical Transport
  • Aircraft and Aviation Considerations
  • Aviation Safety and the air medical provider
  • Communications in the aviation environment
  • Survival Search and Rescue
  • Air Crew Safety and Fitness
  • Infection Control
  • Administrative Considerations
  • Case Reviews / Emergency Procedures