I am excited to join the CAMATA team and look forward to delving further into the field of flight medicine.  My goal is to gather and share information related to the aeromedical environment. Given the ongoing pandemic related changes and challenges that healthcare teams are facing, our current focus is infection control and the implications of COVID 19.  If you have any information you feel is valuable to the our various flight colleagues, please send it along to me at jennifer.rachel.martin@gmail.com (preferred email address at this time) or info@camata.ca.”

Here are a few links of interest for dealing with patients and transports during COVID19.   Some are American sites, but may be insightful.  Let me know what you think.  If you have other sites or articles to share, please send them to me for posting 

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This first site is good for land vehicles and non-pressurized aircraft – (helicopters) – it does not address decontamination for pressurized aircraft 


This second site is from the American CDC .  It talks about air transport with SARS patients, but would be applicable to COVID 19 as well. 


This is a good site from the WHO for general information.
This site is more specific to air travel